Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food is Good

I am told that food is good. I believe that. However, after 59 years of life, I still haven't gotten it together. I can't get the word diet out of my mind. Tonight, I had the opportunity to spend sometime with Keith Oliver at a family function. He's the healthiest person I know. I have no idea how many pounds Keith lost but my guess would be around a 100 or so. Keith didn't lose weight by dieting, he lost weight by changing his whole way of living.

Keith is something of a fitness gru now. He was jokingly talking about eating nothing but food from his garden and blogging about it. It struck me that I could do something like that on a lesser level and maybe be more accountable to myself. After all, I have to do is eat...just eat.

What is my plan? I'm going to go talk to Keith to come up with one. Then I'll let you know!